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Digital Health App

Given the Covid restrictions all around the world, virtual communication platforms have been gaining a lot of popularity. Almost all industries have started to rely on efficient communication applications to maintain relationships with their customers. And, the healthcare sector is no different. Digital health is attracting a lot of attention these days. More and more healthcare entities are planning to build a telemedicine app. Have you been thinking of the same? Great! We can help you ace your plan. In this article, we are going to discuss all the important aspects that go into the development of a digital health app.

What is a telemedicine app? — Full meaning

Before discussing telemedicine app development, let us first discuss the meaning of telemedicine apps. A telemedicine application can be described as an application that instantly connects doctors and patients and allows patients to access online consultations via video calls. Telemedicine apps help extend all kinds of clinical services to patients remotely. Telemedicine apps are great platforms for people suffering with chronic diseases such as diabetes that require regular consultations. With the help of telemedicine apps, patients can quickly connect with doctors without having to stand in long hospital queues to visit the doctor.

Telemedicine & Telehealth — What’s the difference?

People often tend to confuse telemedicine and telehealth and think that they denote the same meaning. But this is not true. They have different meanings. In this section, we are going to talk about the difference that exists between the two.

Now, telehealth can be described as telecommunication technologies that provide you with healthcare services remotely. It includes non-clinical services, medical education and training for healthcare service providers.

On the other hand, telemedicine can be explained as leveraging modern technologies to offer clinical services to patients.

Create a telemedicine app by utilizing the best chat API & SDK

Have you been planning to develop a telemedicine app? Well, leveraging highly advanced chat APIs and SDKs are one of the best ways to quickly develop your application. In this section, we are going to discuss some of those top APIs in detail.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

digital health app
digital health app
Real-time Chat Telemedicine App

CONTUS MirrorFly helps you build a connected real-time ecosystem within your healthcare application by integrating customizable chat APIs and SDKs. It enables one-on-one doctor-patient chat, rich media sharing, file sharing, push notifications, chat tagging, broadcasting, and others. It also enables consistent tracking of patient’s reports. And the best part about MirrorFly is that it is compatible with HIPAA compliant chat api and completely secures patient data.

2. Sendbird


Sendbird provides you with a comprehensive suite of APIs and SDKs that help you build an impactful in-chat app chat experience for patients. It tends to empower patients with online treatment with the help of instant chats and audio/video calls. You can utilize chatbots to discuss patients’ medical history, and route them to the right expert. Sendbird also enables you to send patients automated reminders about healthcare management and follow-up.

3. Teladoc Health

virutual consultation software
virutual consultation software
Teledoc Virtual Consult App

Teladoc Health is one of the top integrated virtual care systems that delivers, enables, and empowers whole-person health. From wellness & prevention to acute care to complex healthcare requirements, Teladoc Health takes care of everything. Get access to expert health coaching and much more.

How do the best telemedicine platforms work?

A well-structured telemedicine app is equipped with highly advanced chat features. Let us look into some of the best telemedicine app features one by one.

features of digital health app
features of digital health app
Digital Healthcare App Features

1. Video conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the top functionalities of a telemedicine app. A one-on-one video interaction with doctors helps patients explain their medical conditions better. Doctors are also in a better position to assess the symptoms and provide immediate medical solutions.

2. Online treatment

A good telemedicine app enables patients to quickly get in touch with doctors regarding their treatment processes or plan. They can ask queries related to their medicine dosage or necessary health precautions. Patients can simply text or call their doctors to gain immediate medical attention.

3. Management of prescription

With this feature, doctors can forward drug prescriptions online to their patients. Patients can purchase medicines at their local markets based upon their online printed prescription. There’s no denying that this is one of the most amazing telehealth features that an application can offer.

Why should you build a telemedicine app?

If you have been having second thoughts about creating a telemedicine application, we are here to clear all your doubts. A telemedicine app can help enhance the whole healthcare communication ecosystem. Here is a list of some benefits of building a telemedicine app:

1. Reduces healthcare expenses

First of all, it saves expenses on healthcare infrastructure. Self-employed doctors can easily expand their reach via an efficient application. Patients can reach doctors anytime from any location without having to visit hospitals or clinics, thereby saving travel costs.

2. Provides quick treatment

Telemedicine apps help you bid goodbye to complex healthcare screenings. Patients and doctors are just a text or call away. Doctors can immediately attend to their patients’ requirements and perform the needful.

3. Offers effective access to healthcare

Telemedicine apps promote equitable healthcare to all. Healthcare is not limited by physical boundaries or time restrictions. People staying even in the remotest of locations can get access to healthcare.

4. Provides time-efficiency to doctors

Telemedicine apps allow doctors to automate their schedules and appointments so that they can organize their tasks efficiently. Thanks to push notifications that doctors can never miss out on any immediate patient request.

5. Get convenient EHR access

EHR stands for Electronic Health Records. With the help of telemedicine apps, patients can access their health records from any corner of the globe. Not only patients but also doctors benefit from EHR. It helps them organize all important records on one platform.

Technical aspect of telemedicine app development?

If you have been revolving your head around the creation of a telemedicine app, this section can be of great help to you. Here we shall discuss the best technical features and functionalities that your application should have. Let us take them one by one.

Best telemedicine app features for patients

1. Smooth registration

It is essential for a telemedicine app to have an easy sign up feature. It allows users to access the highly advanced chat features that the application has to offer.

2. Profile management section

This feature helps patients to set up their personal profile. They can fill in their personal information such as name, age, gender, and others and list their medication preferences. Patients can also organize their treatment status via this feature.

3. Search functionality

A telemedicine app allows patients to filter their choices. For instance, they can select their doctor based upon the comparison between popularity, reviews, and ratings given to different doctors.

4. Video conferencing feature

Video call feature of a good telemedicine app allows patients to have a face-to-face interaction with the doctor and that too from the comfort of their homes. Patients can ask doctors to assess their health irrespective of the geographical locations. An efficient telemedicine app is generally WebRTC enabled to offer high quality video interactions to patients.

5. Text communications

As discussed earlier, a well-structured telemedicine application allows patients to instantly connect with doctors via texts. Patients can share their latest medical files with doctors and also access their prescriptions over messages.

6. Calendar function

A good telemedicine app allows patients to schedule their health appointments and treatment dates with their doctors. Most of the calendar-enabled applications have reminder functionality too and it enables patients to keep a close tab on their treatment sessions with doctors.

7. Notification feature

This is one of the top telemedicine app features. It allows patients to quickly get notifications with regard to their scheduled online consultations or treatment sessions.

Crucial Functions of Telemedicine Apps for Physicians

1. Physician’s profile setting

With this functionality, physicians can update all professional features about themselves. They can showcase their skills, specializations, and reviews in their profile.

2. Calendar management

The physician can mark his patient sessions and consultations with calendar management features available with a well-defined telemedicine app.

3. EHR view for physicians

A good telemedicine app helps physicians gain an overview of patients’ EHRs. And this, in turn, helps physicians to manage their patients’ treatment sessions and consultations.

4. Online communications with patients

Physicians can expand their service reach to patients all across the globe. With a good telemedicine app, virtual communications can take place between physicians and patients at any point of time. More the online availability of physicians, more is their popularity.

Best technical stack to develop a telemedicine app

Have you been wondering how to build a telemedicine platform? Well, creating a telemedicine app should be a well-thought process and requires the right technical stack for its efficient functioning. Here we shall discuss the perfect technical stack that goes into building a telemedicine app.

Programming languages

You can leverage Kotlin or Java for making Android apps and Swift for iOS apps.

Back-end development

Programming language — You may utilize Node.js.

Videoconferencing — Leverage RTMP, Twilio, WebRTC.

Chat communication — You may chooseTwilio or Socket.io.

Database — Opt for MySQL.

APIs and frameworks — Select Stripe, EC2, or S3

Different tools you can use

Search & filters — Go for Elastic search

Mailing — Choose Elastic Emails

Geolocation — Use Google Maps Platform

Notifications — Opt for Firebase Cloud Messaging

Pitfalls you should avoid while building a telemedicine app

Planning to build a telemedicine system? Well, every step that goes into creating a telemedicine application should be examined carefully. Here is a list of pitfalls associated with some important points that you should avoid.

1. HIPAA Compatibility

Making a telemedicine app without HIPAA compliance can be a very big mistake. You should never build an application that compromises your patients’ confidential data.

2. Security issue

Building a telemedicine app without end to end encryption is also a huge loophole in the telemedicine app development process. Such apps fail to provide security to sensitive healthcare communications.

3. Poor video quality

Weak codes and bandwidth lead to poor video communications and affect the patients’ app experience in a negative light. Take the help of professional developers who know the methods of streamlining efficient video chat features.

4. Treatment limitations

There are certain medical assistance processes that cannot be performed over virtual video interactions. For instance, doctors cannot take ultrasound tests over texts and video calls.


We hope our article helped you gain a fair idea of the essential aspects revolving around telemedicine app development. Planning to create a telemedicine app of your own? Then, what are you waiting for? Start the development process today and get ready to revolutionize the way communications are conducted all across the globe.

Good luck with your telemedicine application!

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